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Simplified Construction Estimate Max Fajardo.pdf

Simplified Construction Estimate Max Fajardo.pdf

Simplified Construction Estimate is a book written by Max B. Fajardo Jr., a Filipino civil engineer and author of several books on engineering and construction. The book aims to provide a practical and easy-to-follow guide for estimating the cost of various types of construction projects, such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and others. The book covers the basic principles of estimating, the methods of measurement, the factors affecting the cost, the materials and labor rates, and the preparation of bill of quantities and abstract of cost.

The book is divided into 12 chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of construction estimating. The chapters are as follows:


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Estimating

  • Chapter 2: Methods of Measurement

  • Chapter 3: Factors Affecting Construction Cost

  • Chapter 4: Materials and Labor Rates

  • Chapter 5: Earthwork and Excavation

  • Chapter 6: Concrete Works

  • Chapter 7: Masonry Works

  • Chapter 8: Carpentry Works

  • Chapter 9: Steel Works

  • Chapter 10: Painting Works

  • Chapter 11: Plumbing and Sanitary Works

  • Chapter 12: Electrical Works

The book also includes several appendices that contain useful information and tables for estimating, such as conversion factors, unit weights, material specifications, labor productivity, equipment rental rates, and sample forms and documents.

Simplified Construction Estimate is a valuable resource for students, engineers, contractors, architects, and anyone who is involved or interested in the field of construction. The book provides a clear and concise explanation of the concepts and techniques of estimating, as well as numerous examples and exercises to enhance the learning process. The book is available in PDF format online from various sources .


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