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What are the current trends About Matching Couples Necklaces?

These rings aren't any other ring. They are able to be made to appear however you'd like, but their practicality dictates the rules.

These rings are constructed of solid metal, include a single stone which is exclusive to the wearer or clusters of stones. They are also available in small solitaire rings. These rings are all easy to stack and mix with other styles. Therefore, they're perfect for casual wear.

A different category of rings is those featuring sculpted architectural designs and styles, in which the metal's texture enhances the interesting style. Rings for couples that promise to be a couple should be of the same design. You can pick any design you like if you want to present your partner with the ring for a present.

Be aware of the rule of thumb that rings with small stones and subtle designs are suitable for both genders. They are also easy to dress. Even if the ring comes as given as a gift, you may continue to wear it in your jewelry collections.

Select the rings that are unisex or those with identical stones, but with more feminine and masculine designs "for him and her". One element will work regardless, whereas the other will showcase your uniqueness.

Nearly a Proposal (BUT it's not there yet) WHAT FORM ARE PROMISE Rings presented, and at what times?

The presentation of a promise rings is important from two angles: firstly, it tells your partner you'll be marrying to them. Secondly, it informs them it indicates that marriage hasn't been made and this isn't an official invitation. A ring for engagement is the first step in launching that happy wedding celebration but this time, the engagement ring to be presented is to be announced.

The ceremony for the ring should be sweet and casual. It shouldn't be extravagant or showy. (Families might attend to view, film, and then cry tears of joy later). Don't get on your knees. It is only between you two, and it's an informal proposition. It's completely misleading.

We now come to the question about whether you should present the promise ring (or receive one) in a relationship. It's the time when you have both decided to make a commitment and get married someday. It's time to end your dating with no obligations and it's the time to commemorate this day with this ring.

Before you take the first step spend some time talking to your loved one about your plans. If they're in alignment and the person you are talking to is ready to wait sometime before the formal wedding, you can purchase and give this ring (or swap rings) to assure the other that this proposal will be made sooner or later (or that you're completely committed to not walk down the aisle).


A PROMISE RING & AN ENGAGEMENT Ring - Are they exactly the same?

No, they are not the same. An engagement ring means a proposal, specific wedding date, and the beginning of the wedding preparation process as a promise band is an offer to propose, but later, or to make a commitment to a particular person, as in wedding.

What are the differences between promise rings, engagement rings and eternity bands?

Engagement rings are used to propose and fixed dates for marriage. They are also an event in marriages such as the first anniversary of the wedding or the birth of a baby. The name "Eternity Rings" stems from the fact that they are adorned by a row or tiny diamonds that cover the entire band of the ring. It is visible to others when the ring is worn.

How do you choose the perfect MOMENT TO GIVE A PROMISE ring?

Any moment when you both decide to remain in these relationships for the long haul. The promise ring marks this important moment for both of you, and can open up new perspectives for next steps like engagement etc. Be careful not to make the ring-giving one of the most extravagant public displays. Keep it solely for the engagement rings.

MODELS and styles - How to choose the promise ring That will appear appropriate

They could be of any design that you and your beloved fancy, but it's recommended that they be delicate and understated (no boring). Simple metal bands, subtle piece of jewelry, one-stone rings and stone cluster rings are your ideal choices. They are so that they won't attract unnecessary questions but will be versatile enough to fit with every dress you want to dress.

What FINGER and HAND SHOULD A PROMISE RING be adorned with?

Wear it on the middle finger or on the ring of either hand. If worn on the the left hand the ring can be linked to engagement.


It is best to have a casual, friendly relationship between the two of you. The ring should be presented only ring once you have discussed the future with each other and you both share the same goal. It's also important to emphasize that it's not a proposal however, what rings signify is that the proposal will be presented in the near future.

Buy responsibly and safely Where can you purchase a Promise Ring?

Purchase a ring at an authentic jewelry store which can verify the source of the stone and provide an array of ring designs. Or go to the dedicated websites that sell made rings for promises-making events or weddings. Engagements, weddings and vows. There's something special to be found. An additional bonus is an in-house opportunity to reduce or increase the ring size when needed.

Then, after the ENGAGEMENT party What do you do With the Promise Ring ring you received?

Promise rings are small and subtle which is why they can be stacked with a wedding or engagement ring. They can also be mixed with other rings.

If a break-up occurs If a ring is damaged, should you keep the Ring or give it BACK?

It is up to the two people decide. If you decide to swap rings with your ex and you are able to get the ring that you gave him and reverse. If the relationship is strained You can choose to keep the rings as they are or exchange the ring that was given and refuse to accept the ring received. The the ring is no longer of value when you decide to keep it. It's just another part of your jewelry collection.


Items and accessories which serve as reminders of memorable moments that we have in our lives are important. Choose the most suitable ones for someone you cherish, and these rings (and other presents) will always remind your sweetheart of how much you love them. Our shop is a reliable partner in making this important choice of rings that promise to be a part of a relationship.


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