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People Development Fund (PDF) is a microfinance institution that exists to empower people to economically be independent. PDF envisions a Malawi where people can meet their basic needs of food, proper shelter and social needs, through empowering financial products and services. People Development Fund is incorporated with registrar of companies, registered with Reserve Bank of Malawi and Malawi Revenue Authority and is a member of Microfinance Network Malawi.

To become a world class financial institution that empowers communities.


We are committed to providing excellent, creative and innovative financial services and products that empower communities to build assets, create jobs and raise standard of living.


1. To create innovative and inclusive financial services and products

2. To empower entrepreneurs and startups by providing capital and training

3. Empowering the working class to build assets before retirement

4. Empowering communities to create wealth through multiple streams of income for improved standard of living


1. God fearing institution

2. Integrity

3. Fair trading

4. Teamwork

5. Excellence

About Us

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